Andy Warhol ‘Sunday B. Morning’ 1st edition


Very decorative silkscreen of Marilyn Monroe.

This silkscreen is a first edition ‘Sunday B. Morning edition’ which means it’s actualy made in ‘The factory’, the studio of Warhol in New York. On some Sunday mornings Warhol’s employees made silkscreens themselves which they signed in black with ‘Sunday B. Morning’. Warhol knew and even signed some of the black editions with his own signature. Of course these are more expensive then this one, about 15 times more.

All ‘Sunday B. Morning’ silkscreens who were not made in the Factory but years later by the employees are signed in blue. These silkscreens are also made with the original negatives and colour codes given by Warhol himself.

Andy Warhol never really tried to stop all these extra publishings. Why nobody really knows. Maybe he liked the idea that one of his creations was mass produced?

This silkscreen is in very good condition.

Dimensions 3 × 93 × 93 cm
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